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           1. Click on desired download. 


          2. Print the downloaded document.


          3. Fill out the document


          4. Fax it to us at 1-250-761-4156


          (For Ehattesaht/Chinehkint Membership only)

    You can also email completed forms to the receiver and email addresses are in the Contact information  

     page.  If you have any questions regarding these forms please contact the Ehattesaht/Chinehkint 

     Administration Office during regular hours.




          housing application


  membership support application and the policy


Patient Travel Online Form



 Forms for Birth Registration and Birth Release Forms for Newborns:

To register your newborn baby you will require a Original Live Birth Certificate and completed forms.  You can access the forms from the NTC Office or have them mailed/faxed/emailed to you.  Please call Membership at the Ehattesaht Office.